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Our Affordable SEO Packages Will Significantly Improve Your Rankings and Keep Your Wallet Happy!

Why You Should Use Link Building Packages Provided By SexiSEO

We are in the SEO “Game” since 2002. SexiSEO is a new project designed to bring you as many new visitors, leads and clients as possible (in the shortest possible time of course).

You are getting:

  • ✓ Wider Web Presence
  • ✓ Top Position in Google
  • ✓ More Visitors
  • ✓ Higher CTR
  • ✓ Targeted Traffic
  • ✓ Domination & Authority

As you can see SexiSEO is providing a FULL range of search engine optimization services. Our biggest advantage is a high quality manual link building process (and huge always Up To Date SEO background).

In 98% of all cases our links are created manually. That’s why Google and other search engines love our job and rank our client’s websites faster and higher. All SEO services provided by SexiSEO are 100% safe and “White Hat”.

Watch Google’s #1 SEO engineer Matt Cutts talking about importance of safe and high quality SEO!


Before we decide about implementation of any link building methods we run in depth website analysis.

We want to make sure that your hard earned money and our work will give you only the best results (and highest ROI – Return on Investment).

Have a look below and read the FAQ section to get better understanding of our SEO services.

SexiSEO Link Building FAQ


1. How long it takes to get position #1 in Google?

Well, that’s quite hard to predict without knowing more details about your site.
We will give you ballpark figure once we know more about your website and keywords you want to rank for. If there is a weak competition and your website is “healthy” it’s possible to get #1 in just a few days (or even hours!). On the other hand, if you are in a competitive niche your website will need a little more time to get that desired position (and probably more backlinks). Either way, we can help you with keyword research to make sure you will rank fast for low volume search terms. Higher volume search terms will need a little more time, about 8-12 weeks.

2. How many backlinks my webite needs to be first?

It depends. Sometimes a website can get number one in Google without any backlinking at all!
It all boils down to good keyword research. Of course, if you are in competitive niche you will need number of quality and relevant links to beat your competitors. Fortunately we can create for you the most powerful links you will ever need (and you will dominate your niche faster than you think).

3. What’s the difference between automatic and manual link building?

The automatic link building is made by computer programs. Those programs give SEOs ability to literally create 1000s of backlinks in minutes (in most cases low quality SPAM backlings). Some time ago it was a very powerful way of doing SEO, these days however it is the worst possible technique. Google hates automatic link building and will try to penalize any website using such backlinking methods. Keep in mind that the core of your link building strategy should consist of manually created links. Manual link building is made by humans (guys like us) and is 100% Google approved. We build links in so-called organic and search engine friendly way.

4. How do you know if a website is “healthy”?

We will analyze your website and its backlinks. If we uncover that there is something wrong with your site, we will let you know what to do about it. If we decide that your website is “unhealthy” and it will be impossible to rank for chosen keywords we will give you a full refund. Unhealthy website is a website with bad links profile and low quality On Page SEO. Often it’s better to get a new domain and rank new site than spend money and time trying to rank unhealthy one.

5. What are Panda and Penguin updates?

In general those two updates are improvements made to Google search engine algorithm. These are both anti SPAM updates. Panda and Penguin were designed to punish spammy webmasters and website owners by deindexing their websites (or pushing their rankings down). If you are using our SEO services (manual link building methods) you don’t need to worry. Your website is completely safe. Google and Bing will love your website.

6. Are those links permanent?

Yes, 99% of the links are permanent. However, keep in mind that SEO is a continuous process. In competitive niches backlinking should be done on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis.

7. What kind of homepage backlinks do you provide?

We build only permanent “dofollow” homepage backlinks. Now, if you buy single package just for one time boost, those homepage backlinks will be placed in the text area of a homepage. They will be placed in a context relevant to your website or niche. These are fully functional and high PR homepage Dofollow backlinks. Those links will considerably boost your search engine rankings and authority of your website (those links are 100% safe and created manually and organically- NO shady tactics and NO Black Hat SEO). If you go for the package with a monthly payment option, you will also get those contextual homepage backlinks. If you choose the monthly payment plan you will get set of a new high PR backlinks every single month. Every single month we will create new number of backlinks for you (according to your SEO package). As you can guess in a very short time you will dominate your niche.

8. What social media SEO do you provide?

We will build for you special SEO social media profiles to help rank your website faster. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and some other major social networks are used. Once we are done with SEO you will get all the information in a special report.

9. How your service is going to improve my website’s Onpage SEO?

We will analyze your website and look for every known SEO problem and error. If we spot even the smallest problem we will let you know and eventually help you fix it.

10. I can’t decide which keywords should I go after, will you help me?

Sure. Just buy any of our packages and use contact us. We will help you out.

11. Will you provide a detailed SEO report?


12. Can I order customized SEO package?

Just use this contact form and we will take it from there.

13. Do you provide any additional services?

Sure. We can for example improve your landing page or build a completely new landing page. We can improve your conversion rates at every level of your sales funnel. We can create unique articles (written by skilled and fast native English speakers) or menage your network. There are many things we can help you with, just let as know.

14. How do you create links?

Well, because we are a long time player in SEO “game” we have our own unique methods. All of the links we are creating are 100% organic and manual. We do not buy any links. We CREATE high quality backlinks. We are very good at using Google search function so we are able to find relevant websites fast. Those websites may be able to provide high quality backlinks. Also, we (and our partners) have our own high PR websites and blogs so we can create high PR contextual backlinks virtually in any niche.

Do You Have Any Questions Regarding our SEO Services? Or Maybe You Want To Order Your Own Customized Package?


customized seo services

If you have any question regarding SEO solutions provided by SexiSEO don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help you improve your rankings! Some clients ask for personalized SEO services and packages, we are happy to provide these at any time and configuration.

Also you can make changes to presented packages if you like. For example you can exchange Wiki links for a more web2.0 links, or exchange homepage contextual links for more Social Media profiles (even if you are buying only one time boosts).

The possibilities are endless. Our services are flexible so you can get what you really need.
Use this contact form and tell us about your needs. We are happy to answer your questions and provide the best service in Town.


SexiSEO is a new project created by veteran SEOs who knows their job VERY well. We are Google friendly and providing only Google approved SEO solutions. We know how Google works and what it wants from websites. That’s why we will rank your website fast and in a safe way.

In fact SEO can be as simple as a peanut butter sandwich. We often find that many SEOs is trying to make it more complicated and expensive than it really is.

To be completely honest with you, these days SEO is not complicated at all. And SexiSEO is all about simple and efficient solutions.

Simple solutions brings faster and long lasting results (you will save your time, money and nerves).
We are looking forward to working with you.

If you have any questions let us know and we will get back to you in less than 8 hours.

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